Rachel Fields - Psychotherapy

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Do you long for more contentment and aliveness?

Are you always looking for a fight?

Do you often feel like you’re too much? OR not enough?

What if these thoughts and feelings are not a problem but the trail that leads you to the life you imagine is possible? A life that feels deeply lived and rich with meaning. With great curiosity and care, I will accompany you as you explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Together we’ll create permission for you to see, feel, and know yourself in new ways.

As you look directly at what troubles you, your fears and demons often lose their grip. With reclaimed power and clarity, you gain greater freedom to relate to all parts of yourself with curiosity rather than judgment. This often leads to an increased capacity to choose what you want, allowing you to craft a life in line with what you long for.





My mind is driving me crazy! So many thoughts, so many fears, all spinning at 100 miles an hour. I don’t know how to make it stop! I’m losing my mind and it’s tormenting me.

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Happiness Anxiety

I seem to be happier being upset. When things are good I get uncomfortable. I wish I could just relax and enjoy the fun things in life like normal people.

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Is this all there is to life? Does anything really matter? What’s the point? I’m scared this emptiness is what’s real and that I’m going to feel this way forever.


imposter syndrome

People think I have it all together because I have them fooled. I fake it and they fall for it. What if they find out I’m really a fraud? I don’t really know what I’m talking about or what I’m doing.



Are you kidding me? What the FUCK?! AHHHHHH! I want to destroy something! I know I’ll regret it later but I can’t help myself. I’m out of control.

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What makes you come alive?

What dreams have you left unlived?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?